Cockfighting is considered as one of the Philippine’s national sport. Stallion   Farms was established for the love and passion of the sport cockfighting by a simple, humble and dedicated breeder from Davao City.

Stallion or a male horse is known for its superb qualities such as power, speed and superiority. The same characteristics that the farm is committed to attain in all its game fowls produce. Stallion Farms (SF) mission is to bring a deeper meaning and higher level of enthusiasm for others in today's cocking world, whilst producing good quality and exceptional warriors; creating and raising top of the line breeds a gamefarm can offer.

Systematic ways are implemented in the farm, trying to elevate the level of
enhancement a gamefarm should be, not just to be able to vie in today’s tough competitions but in order to Promote, Share and Encourage the spirit of the sport cockfighting.

Stallion Farms produces 200 up to 300 heads of its pure lines and 1,200 up to 1,500 heads of battle cocks yearly.
This is made possible with SF's effort of sourcing the best possible materials it may need and a proper selection of broodstocks, accompanied by good 'single mating' breeding method. The farm maintains its accurate recordings and markings from past to present to prove their premise. It is made possible that all acquired fowls direct from Stallion Farms are of the best quality for a simple reason that, we at SF doesn't want to let any cocker have what we don't like to have ourselves either.

Some of the proven lines that are maintained by Stallion Farms are:
  • Hatch and Greys of Melvin Sims,
  • Sweaters of Dink Fair,
  • Kelso's of George Foster,
  • Roundheads of Dan Gray,
  • Claret's of The Great Old Alexander, and
  • Cardinal Club Kelso's
  • Dome's of Stallion Farms